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Sevanetti Ice Cream Bikes
Somersets Premier Wedding Ice Cream supplier

Confirm your date is available as we have bookings for 2018 2019 & 2020 already!

Hire our beautifully decorated ice cream bikes to attend your special day and add a real WOW! factor at your celebration. Serving delicious Marshfield ice creams and sorbets to your guests and creating a fantastic photo opportunity a Sevanetti ice cream trike will always be remembered.

Customise Your Bike

​We realise that a bride's wedding day preparations have taken many hours of thought and organisation. We at Sevanetti Ice Cream would love to fit in with your theme so we have a choice of colour buntings and bike decorations to choose from. Even our ice cream menu cards will be colour co-ordinated to your choice. If you have a special theme we can make a new bunting for you and ensure that we truly become part of your memorable day.
Every bride & groom receive their own special cone and ring to keep
  1. "Say Mint Choc Chip!"
    Our ice cream bikes love to get in on your pictures so tell your photographer to point his camera our way. For wedding events we will provide a special bride & groom cone as a prop and allow you to serve from the ice cream bike for a few minutes.
  2. Marshfield Ice Creams..
    ...and sorbets! Choose six flavours of ice creams & sorbets for us to serve your guests. We'll have strawberry & vanilla on board too. Our ice cream bike has an open door for all of your guests so they can have as many as they can eat!
  3. Somerset & More
    We are based in Weston super Mare but we won't let that stop us attending your special day further afield. A 50 mile drive is within our normal range but if you live a little further away we will normally make a small charge for fuel

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